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Yeah Yeahs Pizza
$ - $$
13/20 Seasoned Plate Rating
66 Ochterloney St. Dartmouth and 1663 Barrington St. Halifax

Most people enjoy pizza. It is a known fact. I mean, how could you not, it’s cheesy, it’s carb loaded, and it’s absolutely delicious. There are, however, discrepancies between good pizza and great pizza. Let’s be honest, all pizza is good. It’s like other humanly pleasures, in that even the bad stuff is good, but the great stuff is truly on another level. Yeah Yeahs is on that next level.

This primarily take out place serves beautifully crafted thin crust pizzas. They have their standard menu which has some uniquely ambitious creations, but they also offer weekly specials that are very tasty but do sell out quickly. Their Dartmouth location is above Two If By Sea and often have leftover pastries from the shop below. They have since opened a Halifax location as well with more seating options than their Dartmouth shop.

Yeah Yeahs is always satisfying. Their pizza is fresh, thin crusted, and tasty. It’s one of our top picks for pizza in the Halifax region.
They are a really great pizza joint. Their pizza is well prepared and flavourful, their garlic fingers (best served with donair sauce – it’s an east coast thing) are Moorish, and their food is always a crowd pleaser. Yeah Yeahs comes highly recommended from the Seasoned Plate team.

Food: 8
Ambiance: 2
Service: 3


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