Knoydart Farm Cheese

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Situated near the beautifully rugged Northumberland Strait in Merigomish, Nova Scotia, Knoydart Farm Cheese have been producing cheddars and curds since 2009. They run a grass fed organic cheese farm where all of their cheeses are produced right on the farm itself.

Their lineup focuses on cheese curds that are perfect for homemade poutines and often hard to find outside of Quebec. They also strongly believe in keeping their cows grass fed as it imparts a specific flavour into the milk which also results in a more nutritious cheese and final product.

Their artisan made cheddar is special. It ranges from new to mature, but they also have flavoured and smoked cheddars as well. This British styled hard cheese is often sharp and melts in one's mouth. It has a nutty flavour and is a crowd favourite. Cheddar is great for melting on sandwiches, grating on popcorn, and eating all on its own.

We are giving away 100% Canadian cheese from a trio of Nova Scotian cheese makers: Fox Hill Cheese House, Knoydart Farm Cheese, and That Dutchman’s Cheese Farm! Want to win a box of 6 cheeses? Visit our Instagram page @seasonedplate to enter!

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