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17/20 Seasoned Plate Rating
Upscale French Bistro
1460 Lower Water St. Halifax, NS

(1/3 plates)

Hermitage is a French inspired fine dining restaurant in the heart of downtown Halifax. They have a well thought out upscale menu, a sophisticated cocktail list, and a gorgeous dining room. Every element has been considered and it shines through on every plate they serve.

The dining room itself is spectacular. Their above bar chandelier has been salvaged from an old Montreal church and it really adds to the ambiance of the space. It is this attention to detail that really separates this restaurant from the rest. As soon as you step inside it is as if your surroundings have been
immediately transformed to a Parisian bistro from a gone by era.

The food also stands up to the space it occupies. It is intricate, flavourful, and intentional. Each bite floods one’s mouth with flavour and each course builds upon the last. The menu is ever changing to showcase the seasonality of the ingredients used and the trends of the time.

This restaurant is a great choice for a fancy date night, but also lends itself to a night out with friends. It is upscale, yet inviting, and the food is fantastic. With Hermitage, owners Ryan Wolfe and Lawry Deneau have created one of those special restaurants that will leave an impression, and is worth revisiting time after time.

Food: 8
Ambiance: 5
Service: 4


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