Fox Hill Cheese House

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Fox Hill Cheese House is home to a sixth generation family farm that is located in the gorgeous Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. They grow and milk their own cows which results in a high quality product and wonderful cheese.

 Since the 1960’s Fox Hill have focused their attention on dairy and have been using their own Jersey and Holstein milk for cheese production since 2004. All of their products are a true representation of time and place and this is evident in every bite. You can taste the effort and care that goes into every batch of cheese that they make.

 One of their cheese varieties is Havarti. This is a semi-soft, buttery, Danish cheese that is quite adaptable, yet delicious all on its own. It is mild, but versatile for lots of uses. It goes really well with crunchy crackers but can also enhance sandwiches, charcuterie boards, and salads. It is a wonderful entry level cheese for those hoping to expand their palate.

We are giving away 100% Canadian cheese from a trio of Nova Scotian cheese makers: Fox Hill Cheese House, Knoydart Farm Cheese, and That Dutchman’s Cheese Farm! Want to win a box of 6 cheeses? Visit our Instagram page @seasonedplate to enter!

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