That Dutchman’s Cheese Farm

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Since 1980, That Dutchman's Cheese Farm has been in operation and making award winning high quality Dutch style cheese. Their farm is located in Upper Economy, Nova Scotia where they sell their exceptional cheeses in addition to other Dutch treats and crafts.

They specialize in Dutch gouda and have both young and old varieties with a range of additives such as peppercorns, truffles, and even cumin. Their cheesemaking method is traditionally hands-on and they mature their cheeses in house. 

They also make the prized Dragon’s Breath. This soft surface ripened blue cheese is aged in wax and it is quite unique. It is true to its name with a ripe aroma that is balanced by a creamy cheese that is spicy yet balanced. It pairs perfectly with crispy baguette and pears, but is also great for burgers, in pastas, or wherever you like to use blue cheese.

We are giving away 100% Canadian cheese from a trio of Nova Scotian cheese makers: Fox Hill Cheese House, Knoydart Farm Cheese, and That Dutchman’s Cheese Farm! Want to win a box of 6 cheeses? Visit our Instagram page @seasonedplate to enter!

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