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Star Anise Vietnamese Noodles
$ - $$
13/20 Seasoned Plate Rating
1571 Barrington St. Halifax

There is something about eating a piping hot bowl of pho, that for the very moment seems to make everything in the world seem right. This Vietnamese soup is everything that is comforting in a bowl. It is like a warm embrace in the form of richly flavourful broth and velvety smooth noodles. It is wonderfully satisfying. It is savory and complex while feeling healthy and clean.

Pho is a Vietnamese soup consisting of rice noodles, various forms of meat, herbs, and broth that has been cooking for ages. The trick to a good broth is time, and the broth at Star Anise is exactly how it should be. It is rich, slightly gelatinous, and incredibly flavourful. When you add perfectly cooked noodles, fresh herbs, and rare beef, you end up with something truly magical.

Star Anise is located downtown Halifax on Barrington St. and the dining room isn’t anything special. It’s dated, worn, and ordinary at best. You don’t go to this place for the décor however, you go for the pho. This bowl of hot and savoury soup is the closest thing to Vietnam you’ll find in Nova Scotia. What they lack in ambiance they make up for in flavour.

Star Anise serves a range of other Vietnamese dishes, but to not get the pho is a waste of one’s time. They are doing this soup justice and it is an excellent example of an authenticity. For times that you can’t make the trip to Vietnam, Star Anise is there to satisfy your rich soupy Vietnamese cravings.

Food: 8
Ambiance: 2
Service: 3


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