Chef's Guide: THE PRESS GANG

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Formal Dining and Oyster Bar
5218 Prince St., Halifax

The Press Gang Restaurant and Oyster Bar, located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is housed in one of the city's oldest buildings dating back to 1759, and it feels every bit that old. It’s a space consisting of exposed stonework, dimly lit rooms, low ceilings, and an olden day ambiance. It truly is one of the most interesting venues in Halifax, and some even say that it is haunted. Stepping into The Press Gang is like entering the Halifax of a previous century.

In addition to the very special venue itself, The Press Gang has one of the best oyster bars around. They regularly feature three Atlantic Canadian oyster farms on any given night but often have many more on offer. On busy nights, they can prepare up to 1000 oysters for their slurping guests. They are shucked to order and come with an assortment of accoutrements such as fresh horseradish, a fruit compote, and a shallot and vinegar mignonette. It’s the perfect venue for oyster amateurs and enthusiasts alike.

You won’t only find oysters here as The Press Gang has an impressive old school fine dining menu that focuses on local and seasonal cuisine to showcase the best that the region has to offer. They serve excellent seafood, succulent meats and poultry, and lots of Nova Scotian fruits and vegetables to match. They also have a superb whisky selection, quality local craft beer on tap, and an assortment of local and international wines from which to choose.

This restaurant is the perfect place for a celebration dinner, a special evening out, or just a fantastic meal. The staff are remarkably attentive, and there is always live music to entertain guests on weekend night. It’s a historical space that pays homage to a bygone era, fine meals, and noteworthy occasions.

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