Chef's Guide: Bar Kismet

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Bar Kismet
Seafood and Homemade Pasta
2733 Agricola St., Halifax, NS

Bar Kismet is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is an upscale seafood and pasta eatery with sophisticated dishes, a killer cocktail menu, and an exceptional wine list. This north end restaurant was just named 13th best restaurant by Canada’s 100 Best, and it shows. Their attention to detail in everything they do is exemplary.

The bar itself is an intimate space dominated by an impressive bartop that is surrounded by unassuming wooden chairs and tables. Plants occupy the restaurant and drape themselves amongst the impressive bottle collection. It feels very modern and chic, and it’s places like this that are putting Halifax on the world restaurant scene.

Nova Scotia is well known for spectacular seafood, and Bar Kismet highlights the freshness and quality of this east coast ingredient with utmost respect. Each dish appeals to the senses and flirts with emotions. There is a hint of nostalgia in their food, but they also find a way to introduce something unfamiliar and new. It’s an exciting journey of discovery and trust.

Bar Kismet is a world class dining experience in Halifax’s north end. Their dishes are advanced but utilise what’s local and recognizable. Their staff are knowledgeable and helpful. Their pasta and fish are fresh and fantastic. This is a very special place that every local and visitor alike should experience at least once.

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