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Dear Friend Bar
$$ - $$$
Cocktail Bar
67 Portland St., Dartmouth

Dear Friend Bar is a cosy cocktail bar located in Downtown Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. They boast an impressive bottle collection of local and imported specialty spirits, and because of this, their cocktail menu is both tantalising and ever-changing. Their attention to detail is evident in every drink they make, and their concoctions are intentional and layered with complexity.

Dear Friend was developed to fill a void in the Downtown Dartmouth landscape. It was opened to provide a place for great cocktails, excellent spirits, and exceptional small plates for the local dining and drinking public. They’ve succeeded in reaching their goal. Their cocktails are some of the best in the city and change with the passing of the seasons. Their space is inviting and safe. Their staff are knowledgeable and have the ability to take patrons on a trip down an unexpected, yet delightful, flavourful journey.

Trust is also one of the keystones of Dear Friends' approach to service. They have relationships with their customers, both new and old, which allow them to introduce cocktails and dishes that may have otherwise been missed. Their cocktail menu has been designed to pair with the food they serve, and the drinks and food compliment each other. This has been orchestrated in such a way that it elevates both to new levels and helps to create an experience otherwise unattainable.

Dear Friend Bar is a great place to visit. It’s inviting, has spectacular food and drink, and the staff are there to make you feel welcomed. Although both their food and drink menus change with the seasons, they can create cocktails based on your taste preferences. Their food is sophisticated and meant to share, and Dear Friend has enhanced the dining scene in the Dartmouth community.

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