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El Chino Snack Bar
Chinese-Mexican Snack Bar
2398 Robie St., Halifax

El Chino Snack Bar is an offshoot of Robie Street Station and owned by the same duo. The space that once housed a to go point for the popular breakfast joint now holds El Chino Snack Bar. What started as a passion project has become an inviting and intimate space with an impressive tequila list and lots of tasty snack style dishes.

The menu itself is designed around the concept of snacks. It focuses on dumplings and tacos and fuses Mexican and Chinese street foods. All of the plates are sharable, so it is a great place for a date or late night eats with friends.

The food served here is fresh and unique. They have things like vegetarian fried potato tacos, marinated cucumber salad, and pork dumplings, of course. Each bite is a flavour explosion and intended to excite the senses. Their passion shines through in the plates and cocktails they serve.

El Chino is a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s hidden away from the main streets, and it is a place that you can go to hide in plain sight. The staff care about the food they serve, and the drinks match the theme of the overall experience. This is an ultimate spot for shareable plates, creative cocktails, and great conversations.

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