Chef's Guide: Mary’s African Cuisine

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Mary’s African Cuisine
1701 Barrington St., Halifax

Mary’s African Cuisine, located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is the most authentic African food experience in town. With a heavy Ghanaian influence, the menu has oxtail, roti, and curries, but also offers breakfast and affordable meal options to enjoy in their dining room or to take away. Their food is a true representation of the African continent.

They proudly represent Ghanaian culture and food in the heart of downtown Halifax, bringing international specialties and African treats to Nova Scotia for all to enjoy. They have a range of freshly made juices featuring tropical and African fruits, Ghanaian coffee beans by the bag, African snacks, and African drinks.

Their food itself is healthy, hearty, and delicious. They have a range of vegan and vegetarian options but also have lots of meat dishes to choose from. They rely heavily on spices that enrich their food and add a complex depth of flavour to every bite. Not every dish is spicy with heat, but if that’s your desire, there are lots of options to heat up your taste buds.

Mary’s African Cuisine is a Halifax staple that offers affordable lunches, vegetable driven meals, lots of complexity, and plenty of flavour. They are friendly, welcoming, and accommodating. Their menu is expansive, and they offer something for everyone.

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