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Farm to Table Dining
1196 W Petpeswick Rd., Musquodoboit Hbr., NS

Lupin Dining and Pantry is located in Musquodoboit Harbour, Nova Scotia, and they offer a true farm to table dining experience. Here they provide elevated dishes in a tranquil country setting. They focus on local and let the seasons and gardens inspire menu offerings.

They try to serve food at its best and pick fruit and vegetables from their garden at their peak. This attention to local ingredients shapes the menu and the dishes they serve. Each plate is an expression of terroir, highlighting both time and place.

Lupin is located in a beautiful country setting. They have a working garden, live chickens, and grounds to wander on site. They utilise these resources to give guests the best local and farm to table meal possible. Dishes include sous vide striploin with local vegetables, herb crusted tuna with fennel and orange, and of course, a range of ever changing decadent desserts.This dining venue is different from most. It’s outside the hustle and bustle of Halifax’s downtown core, and it’s a place where you can come to relax and be cared for. It’s peaceful, picturesque, and unique. The service is stellar; they offer tasting menus showcasing the best of what is in season, and the staff want to ensure a wonderful experience.

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