2022 Holiday Gift Box

2022 Holiday Gift Box

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Introducing our 2022 Holiday Gift Box. This chef curated box has everything you need keep you warm and cozy this holiday season. It comes with a range of items to help you survive those cold mornings, or to help the party going at night.

We are offering a range of local products that are all fantastic. We know
you’re going to love it, so pick one up for a friend or a loved one, or even yourself. Every item in this box is a great addition to any kitchen or table, and they make great gifts!

Items included in this box:

  • Compass Distillery Dried Citrus – the perfect accoutrement to any cocktail
  • Compass Distillery Cucumber Bitters – this will bring your cocktails to the next level
  • Custom Cocktail Recipe – We’ve combined the bitters, citrus, and gin for you to make something special
  • Luke’s Small Goods Wine Jelly – a delicious spread for homemade breads, but also goes well on a charcuterie board
  • Big Cove Foods Espresso Nice Spice Blend – elevate your next meal with these scrumptious spices
  • World Tea House Tea Blend – this comforting blend will ease you into your holiday traditions
  • Personal Tea Diffuser – an essential for making a cup of tea
  • North Mountain Colombia Coffee – this locally roasted coffee will get your day started on the right path
  • Just Us Classic Hot Chocolate Mix – ethically sourced hot chocolate mix for magical holiday nights