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$ - $$
15/20 Seasoned Plate Rating
Rotisserie Charcoal Chicken
6041 North St. Halifax, NS

Chkn Chop is a charcoal chicken joint located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is conveniently located between Unfiltered Brewery and Java Blend Coffee Roasters and Café, so you can really satisfy all your wants and needs with one simple stop. It is a charcoal chicken restaurant that has embraced the art of cooking rotisserie chicken over smoke and fire.

This restaurant is outstanding! They cook chicken directly over charcoal and it is evident with every bite. It’s juicy, slightly charred from the charcoal, smoky and exceptionally flavourful. Not only do they have great chicken, but their sides are just as tasty as the chicken itself. Their poutine is moorish, their crispy Brussel sprouts are perfection in every bite, and everything is fantastic.

Their menu is simple and satisfying, comforting, and inviting. It’s also affordable and is a great way to feed a crowd. When ordering their chicken dinner, it is served family style where guests serve themselves from the array of chicken and sides, and they have something that will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.
They also do fried chicken sandwiches, have great family meal options, and have a decent local craft beer list. Chkn Chop is always one of our top recommended restaurants for crowd pleasers or for groups visiting from away.

It’s also a terrific lunch option if you’re just hoping to have a delightful midday meal. Chkn Chop always serve a satisfying meal that is both enjoyable and filling and is not to be overlooked.

Food: 9
Ambiance: 3
Service: 3


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